Are Car Batteries Affected by Extreme Temperature Changes?

Lead acid car batteries should work within all temperature ranges, but the extreme cold and hot seasons may cause issues for batteries that do not protect against freezing and boiling. If you live in a colder area, car batteries may freeze causing issues when you go to start up your car. You may have to warm up the car before being able to get a charge from your battery.

Extreme heat is also not good for the battery, as it can melt the protectors and cause chemicals to boil, creating acid leaks. Over time, you may notice crud or leftover acid around the connectors of your battery. This can cause dead batteries during the dead of summer.

If you have issues with your battery performance during cold and hot seasons, then you may need to get a replacement car battery. You don't want to get stuck with a car that won't hold a charge. You can talk to the service department at Mercedes-Benz of Macon for more information and great service rates!

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