Conventional or Synthetic Oil: Is There a Difference?

With both conventional and synthetic oils available for use in your motor, how do you go about choosing which one is best? Are they really that different?

Conventional oil comes from the earth while synthetic oil is made from chemicals in a science lab. The oil that is best for you will be decided by your manufacturer's recommendations and by the kind of driving you do most. Conventional oil is fine for shorter trips and normal weather conditions while synthetic oil offers the best quality performance in extreme heat and cold.

Most of the newer vehicle motors being manufactured these days require the use of synthetic oil, so check out the recommendations in your owner's manual carefully. You don't want to void your warranty or cause your vehicle to have motor problems by using the wrong kind of oil.

If you still need help choosing between conventional or synthetic oil, feel free to talk to our knowledgeable service department staff here at Mercedes-Benz of Macon in Macon, GA.

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