What is Behind Horsepower Ratings?

If you ask anyone what horsepower means, they'll most likely associate it with the kick behind their engine. It's the performance behind a muscle car, truck, or sports car.

How much horsepower you have is also an option when you're purchasing a new or factory-owned automobile at your local authorized dealership. Most people prefer a vehicle a vehicle with ample horsepower. The more horsepower you have, the more vroom when you accelerate.

Do you know where the term originated from? We've all heard of the term horsepower, but here is where it derives from.

Where Did The Term Horsepower Come From?

During the 18th century, inventor James Watt wanted to impress his clients with the measure of his steam car engine. He was adamant about watching ponies and the term horsepower was exactly what he needed to push his steam engine.

He created a descriptive mathematical equation to determine the power and speed of horses working in the mines and how it translates to mechanical power. Find a new Mercedes-Benz car with ample horsepower when you come to our Macon dealership!

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