What is a Powertrain Warranty vs. a Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty?

Our goal here at Mercedes-Benz of Macon is to make certain you make the most informed buying decisions when it comes to getting your next vehicle. If you have concerns about a powertrain warranty vs. a bumper-to-bumper warranty, this information should help.

With the powertain warranty, components of your vehicle's propulsion system are covered. This includes things like transmission, engine, and differential. These type warranties cover about anything bringing power to the vehicle's wheels, including driveshaft and CV joints.

With the bumper-to-bumper warranty, just about anything from literally the front bumper to the rear bumper are included. To that point, these type warranties don't typically cover the bumpers. Added coverage includes vehicle's electronics, stereo system, air-conditioning system, and many of the suspension components.

If you ever have any other warranty-related questions that were not covered here, please reach out to our dealership so we can help clear up any concerns you may be having.



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