Oil Viscosity Ratings Measure Protection

Motor oil provides a vital level of protection for vehicle engines against heat and friction. Without motor oil, most engines would quickly burn out. The essential protection occurs when oil flows inside the engine and covers the moving parts. The rate of flow is called viscosity. Standard labels have a low temperature rating, the letter W, and the high temperature rating, for example, 10 W 40.

Most drivers know that oil must flow over the engine parts immediately and in both cold and warm conditions. Today, there may be many choices in motor oil, and some have various additives for extra protection.

At Mercedes-Benz of Macon, we have expert technicians that service your vehicle. They will offer a wide range of engine oils that meet your vehicles requirements for hot and cold weather protection. The options include synthetic oils and special additives for the local conditions. Please call for an appointment or drop by our location today.



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