When it’s time for you to pick up your next vehicle from Mercedes-Benz of Macon, you’ll have one especially critical choice to make: how to pay for it. While you frequently hear about special financing offers and lease terms, understanding which option is best for you is a matter of just a few simple factors.

How much do you drive?

When you lease a new Mercedes-Benz from our dealership in Macon, you’ll have to think about ho many miles you put on your vehicle per year. Lease terms come with mileage caps that limit how much you can drive before paying a penalty. So if you frequently drive long distances or you have a lengthy daily commute, a lease may not be the option for you.

In this scenario, financing is the way to go as you won’t risk going over your allotted miles no matter how much you drive.

What is your down payment?

Most lease terms have a minimum required down payment before you can take your new Mercedes-Benz home. While this amount varies by model, it is important to know that you will likely need some cash in hand to begin a lease.

Financing offers more flexibility here, so your down payment is truly up to you. A larger down payment means you’ll pay less per month and have less risk of being “upside down” on your car loan.

Lease for a lower monthly payment

If you are confident that you won’t go over your miles and you’re fine putting some money down at the dealership, leasing is a great choice. Not only are you guaranteed a new vehicle every 2-3 years, but your monthly payments will likely be much lower than with traditional financing.

With financing, you may pay more per month, but you’ll own your vehicle outright and can even enjoy the freedom of life without a car payment for a while until you decide to replace it.

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