You might be interested in the Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 because it's a luxury SUV with lots of style, and you're right to appreciate these features. If you want to really understand the vehicle that you're thinking about purchasing, you should get to know the GLS 450 in more detail before you make the purchase. At Mercedes-Benz of Macon, we love educating our customers on all of the latest styles and features the Mercedes-Benz lineup can offer to customers, so here are some of the top selling points of the GLS 450.

One of the best features of the GLS 450 is the extra-roomy interior. It seats up to seven people, making it a great vehicle for seating large families. It also offers plenty of space even for the back passengers. Since it's a luxury vehicle, there are many features that make the GLS 450 more comfortable and fun to drive and ride in. For instance, the front seats are heated, and you can even upgrade to massaging front seats. Don't think that the backseat passengers are completely missing out. The second row reclines, and the third-row seats are large enough for adults.

The GLS 450 also has style and functionality around its exterior. The LED headlamps look sleek, illuminate the road well on dark nights and through storms, and they need fewer replacements than a standard lightbulb. You'll also like many of the safety features. The Active Brake Assist feature uses radar to sense an impending collision so that it can warn you and even help you apply the brake before you hit a vehicle in front of you. There's also an Active Steering Assist that you can add on that can help you avoid collisions by helping steer the vehicle if you're veering from the road.

Since it's a luxury vehicle, there are plenty of features that make the ride more enjoyable. Second-row passengers can enjoy movies from the two screens that are mounted on the front-seat headrests. There are even two separate DVD players so that each passenger can choose their own entertainment.

There are so many features and high-quality materials on this SUV that you're sure to love it, so come in to our dealership to take a look at it.

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